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Your #1 Choice for Flexible Real Estate Training

Whatever your current lifestyle, work commitments or financial constraints are, we offer learning and payment options to meet your needs (check out Student Testimonials here).

Choose your study mode and study at your own pace

DISTANCE LEARNING – when you enrol you receive ALL your course materials & assessments (printed in colour)
ONLINE LEARNING – using our cutting edge Learning Management System. Complete all your studies online, and you have the option to download and save all your course materials to your computer/laptop/tablet.

IMPORTANT: Class attendance is NOT COMPULSORY. We provide all your resources and assessments when you enrol and unlike some other RTOs you do not have to wait until a class is repeated (up to 2 months delay) to continue your studies because you couldn’t attend class and because you don’t have your resources or assessments.

Night Classes

Night Classes are available to all students and are delivered by experienced trainers. Night classes cover all units of study except external units which are covered in 1-Day Workshops (see below). Distance learning students bring their printed resources to night classes, and online learning students bring their laptop/tablet with pre-downloaded course materials.

1-Day Workshops

1-Day Workshops are available to all students. Led by experienced trainers, 1-Day Workshops are not training days – they are intended to cover all the key elements (and tricky bits) of the course materials, including external units.

Payment Plans

If our standard payment plan doesn’t suit your individual circumstance, we will work with you to set up a personalised payment plan. Each request is considered individually, and if we approve your payment plan you’re all set to commence studying. Please note that all course fees must be paid before we can issue statements of attainment, certificates or diplomas.

Student Referral Rewards

We like to say “thank you” to our current and past students for referring new students to us. If you are referred to us by a current or past student of Real Estate Training Academy, the person who referred you will receive a $100 gift voucher from us. Once you have enrolled with us, you qualify to join our Student Referral Rewards program. Click here for Terms and Conditions.

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Flexible Learning Options
Self-paced Online Learning
Night Classes and 1-Day Workshop calendars

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