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“The team at RETAC were great to deal with from the outset, clearly outlining their learning options available. As I
am employed full-time, I decided to do the course online as it enabled me to work at my own pace and in my own
time. George and Darren were available to talk whenever I needed them and promptly replied to all email enquiries
and assessment outcomes. Their knowledge is apparent and they are only too happy to assist. I would highly
recommend the Diploma of Property Services for anyone looking to get into the real estate industry and using the
services of RETAC to complete the course.” Robbie Fiacchi. Thank you for the kind words Robbie, and we wish you every success in the future. Kind regards, George and Darren
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“I found the RETAC online after constant road blocks on my path to get my RLA. Darren and George were both
extremely helpful in the enrolment process, and outlining the manner in which the study would be undertaken.
Having recently started my own business after several years in commercial property, the trainers allowed me to
express my own views and experiences when completing the course work. Any questions I had were promptly
responded to, and phone calls were always answered. I could not fault the experience, and I look forward to
remaining in contact with Darren and George as I progress with my career.” Toby Hundertmark, Hundertmark Consulting, Principal. Thanks Toby, and we wish you the very best with your new business venture. Kind regards, George and Darren
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"RETAC enabled me to approach the Diploma on my own terms, which mean’t being flexible by allowing me to study off-campus and at my own speed. At the same time I was able to speak with them everyday to discuss any questions and seek clarity on the modules. I have not studied for 17 years, but found their training material to be logical and approachable to work with. It allowed me to dive into the course with confidence. I had assumed that this Diploma was only available by attending fixed schedule courses in a format that did not really suit my work life. RETAC have changed that, and their flexible approach was of great benefit to me. Their answer was always ‘yes’, they are willing to help, to make the learning process about you and not about fixed ideas on what it should be. Thanks George and Darren for all your help." Thanks Pieter, best wishes with your business and keep in touch. Kind regards, George and Darren
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I am delighted to have gained my Diploma in Property Services with the Real Estate Training Academy. The training has been of high standard with knowledgeable trainers who were approachable and more than willing to assist when needed. As a mother of 2 small children, I found the training to be flexible which assisted me in completing my study. The resources and materials were relevant and easy to read and comprehend and are a great resource for future reference. A big thank you to George and Darren for your support throughout my training. Thanks Michelle, best wishes for your future (exciting) plans. Kind regards, George and Darren
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I chose RETAC on the basis that George Ganter and Darren Hosne were able to offer me a flexible solution and I always (if needed) had their help. I would suggest to those wanting to learn the industry whether it be sales or property management that they give RETAC consideration. Thanks Mike, look forward to reading about your successes. Kind regards, George and Darren
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Many thanks to RETAC for their thorough, clear, professional and helpful guidance, both verbally and via their comprehensive training materials - they are always available to help and assist in a concise and calm manner, and also happen to offer the best value for money training course too, highly recommended! Thank you for your kind words Peter, we look forward to following your progress and catching up in the future! Kind regards, George and Darren
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone. Thanks very much and I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year." Thanks Paul - we look forward to welcoming you back to upgrade your qualification! Kind regards, George and Darren
"Was very impressed with the comprehensive course, notes and assessment. Both George and Darren were prompt and professional and easy to deal with." Well done John, keep in touch and let us know how your career progresses! Kind regards, George and Darren
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"The training support has been fantastic. George is only ever a call or email away and is always more than happy to help."
"The training was extremely flexible and George really caters to everyone's individual circumstances."
"The assessments were relevant and fair, and the training materials contained everything you needed to know."
Congratulations Maddy, best wishes with your career and keep in touch! Kind regards, George and Darren
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"I highly recommend Real Estate Training Academy, I completed my Real Estate Diploma in 2016 with George. George is full of knowledge and he provided me all the support I needed to complete the course. The best thing that I love about the George is he really cares about his students, he interacted with me frequently and helped me overcome all the challenges I had during my course. He also provides lots of ongoing support after I graduated from my Diploma. And now if I were facing any difficulties in my real estate career, I know George will be there for his students. Furthermore, the course also provide me the flexibility, and fast track my progress in Diploma, and one to one training." David Liu, Director of Earth Property Group. Well done David, wishing you all the best for your future career and keep in touch! Kind regards, George

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