Book a Night-Class or Support Workshop

About Night Classes:

Night Classes are face-to-face instructional sessions and are a great opportunity to interact with a fully qualified trainer and other students. Please refer to the Night Class timetable (click here) for class dates and times. Class time will be allocated in Cluster 03A and Cluster 07 to complete Role Play assessments. Some preparation for role play assessments and general classes will be required.

Conditions of Attending Night Classes:

Please ensure that the class you book into is in your training plan. Written assessments will not be completed in class. Bookings are essential. See below for booking instructions.

About Support Workshops:

Support Workshops are for guidance only. These face-to-face sessions are facilitated by a fully qualified trainer. Please refer to the Support Workshop timetable (click here) for session dates and times. Support Workshops are only for students who have attempted an assessment and require guidance with course content to improve their answers to assessment question(s).

Conditions of Attending Support Workshops:

Please ensure that the workshop you book into is in your training plan. Students that have not read the Workbook and that have not attempted the assessment are not eligible to attend a Support Workshop. You must bring your workbook and assessment to the Workshop and be clear on where you require guidance. Support Workshops are not classes of instruction and trainers cannot provide students with answers to assessment questions. Bookings are essential. See below for booking instructions.

How to Book into Night Classes and Support Workshops:

Night Class and Support Workshop attendance bookings must be made online by clicking the ‘Book a Class or Support Workshop’ button below. Night Class bookings can only be made at approximately 9:00am on the day before class is scheduled. Support Workshop bookings can only be made at approximately one week before the workshop is scheduled. Places are currently limited to 15 students per class/workshop.

What to Bring:

Night Classes: you must bring the Workbook relating to the Cluster being delivered. Online students can bring a downloaded copy on their device. Pen and exercise book or notepad is also recommended for taking notes.

Support Workshops: you must bring the Workbook and a copy of the assessment or access to your online account if online student.

Note: We do not provide internet access. Students requiring internet must bring their own internet capable device. Attending Classes or Support Workshops is not a requirement of completing your course.

Book a Class or Support Workshop