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Qualification Upgrades (incl. Auctioneer registration)

Qualification Upgrades (including Auctioneer registration)

Real Estate practitioners often want to upgrade their qualifications as they progress through their career.


A Registered Sales Representative (RSR) has reached a point in their career where they want to own or manage their own Real Estate agency.

This requires a registration upgrade to from RSR to Registered Land Agent (RLA) – our Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) meets the educational requirements for the RLA registration.

The cost of upgrading a qualification is quoted on an individual basis and depends on the units of competency you currently hold. Where possible, we will credit transfer the units you have into the upgraded qualification (at no cost to you).

Common upgrades include:

  • Upgrade from Property Manager to Sales Representative or Land Agent
  • Upgrade from Sales Representative to Land Agent
  • Upgrade from Sales Representative or Land Agent to include to Auctioneer registration

Registration Requirements (SA Gov)