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Frequently Asked Questions

What does all this mean?

Every 3+ years the VET regulator (ASQA) updates each accredited qualification across all industries effectively replacing each with a new version.

After 10 years the CPP or Property Services Training Package was recently updated.

The current CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) has been superseded by the new CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.

The current CPP50307 Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) has been superseded by the new CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management).

Therefore all registered training organisations that offer the current versions have 12 months to ‘Teach-Out’ the current qualifications and prepare for the new versions.

What does ‘Teach-Out’ mean?

In this case it describes the time-frame after a training product has been superseded in which a learner’s training, assessment and AQF certification documentation issuance must be completed.

So we will be busy doing two things:

i) ‘Teach-Out’ of the current versions by March 2020 and

ii) preparing to deliver the new versions.

What do the VET Regulator and Consumer and Business Services (CBS) have to do with all this?

The VET Regulator endorses and approves new qualifications, sets the ‘Teach-Out’ period and informs registered training organisations of the updates.

CBS reviews the new qualifications and selects which course and/or units meet the educational requirements of each real estate license. Once determined, CBS will release this information.

I am a student of the Real Estate Training Academy, so how does this affect me?

All students currently enrolled in the Cert. IV (CPP40307), Diploma (CPP50307), our PMR or any units starting with “CPPDSM” must finish their course/training by 02 March 2020.

 I want to enrol in the current versions. Can I still do that?

Yes, but please note that you must finish your course/training by 02 March 2020.

I am completing a course at the Real Estate Training Academy to get a real estate license from CBS. Can I still get my license or must I wait to do a new version of the qualification(s)?

This is a very good question!

The educational requirements relating to the current qualifications (CPP40307, CPP50307 and Property Management 9 units) have not changed.

Therefore if you are currently enrolled in any of these courses (or units) to meet licensing outcomes, please do not be concerned as your course will still meet CBS’ real estate licensing educational requirements. CBS have not released the educational requirements relating to the new versions.

If I finish the current version and get my real estate license from CBS will I then have to complete the new qualification to keep my license?

There is no requirement for currently licensed real estate agents to have to upgrade to the new qualifications to keep their license, but we strongly recommend that you renew your license annually. For any questions on licensing requirements please contact the CBS Occupational Licensing Team on 131 882.

In the scenario where I have only partially finished the CPP40307 Cert. IV or the CPP50307 Diploma by March 2020 can’t I just carry over my completed units to the new qualification?

No. The Vet Regulator has determined that the current versions and new versions are not equivalent and therefore we cannot credit transfer any units from the current to the new version.

What happens if I do not finish my course by 02 March 2020?

If you do not complete your course by 02 March 2020:

a) We will issue you with a statement of attainment for the units successfully completed.

b) After March 2020 you would potentially face a scenario of needing to complete all the educational requirements (issued by CBS) for a real estate license based on the new qualification(s). Units from the current qualifications cannot be credit transferred to the new versions as the current and new versions are not equivalent.

c) If you want or need to transition to any of the new qualifications then we will assist you.

d) Additional fees may apply to transitioning to a new qualification (fees to be calculated at time of application to transition to new qualification).

When will I know the new educational requirements applicable to the new real estate qualifications?

CBS will issue these. We have been informed that they are currently reviewing the new qualifications and will issue real estate licenses educational requirements aligned to the new qualifications. For any questions on licensing requirements please contact the CBS Occupational Licensing Team on 131 882 or visit

Will the Real Estate Training Academy deliver the new versions of the qualifications?

At this time CBS SA have not released the updated educational requirements aligned to the new qualifications. We plan to offer South Australian learners the latest educational requirements for real estate licenses.

What do I need to do from here?

Please be assured that your current course will still meet the educational requirements of your targeted real estate license.

We encourage you to continue to work steadily on your course and to manage your time effectively towards meeting the 02 March 2020 deadline.

If you need support we recommend contacting us so that we can assist you with progressing through your training.