Agency Partner initiative

Real Estate Training Academy is embarking on a new initiative called “Agency Partner” which is designed to connect our student database with Real Estate agencies looking to employ new talent.

How Agency Partner works

  • The Agency Partner advises us when they are recruiting, and Real Estate Training Academy will promote the agency’s recruitment drive to our current student database (but not to students who are already employed by an agency).
  • We ask that our Agency Partners offer our students an opportunity to spend time at their agency to gain insight into the various roles and duties. This may be for a few hours or a few days. This arrangement can be outside of a recruitment drive but can expose the Agency Partner to new talent. The benefit to our students is they are provided with additional learning and an insight into a career in real estate.
  • Real Estate Training Academy wants to ensure our learner resources and assessments are current with industry practice and are of the highest quality. In exchange for promoting recruitment drives to our student database we request that Agency Partners participate in a minimum of one validation activity per year. This involves providing us with recommendations on improving our learner resources and assessments.

For more information on becoming an Agency Partner, please call us on 0451442400 or email