Qualification Upgrades – Upgrade your Real Estate licence

Real Estate professionals often want to upgrade their licences to enhance their Real Estate career. For example, Property Managers may want to upgrade to Sales Representative to work in Sales. Another example is Property Managers or Sales Representatives may want to upgrade to be a registered Land Agent to operate or manage an agency.

We offer the following qualification upgrades for SA Real Estate professionals.

  • Upgrade Property Manager to Sales Representative or registered Land Agent licence
  • Upgrade Sales Representative to registered Land Agent licence
  • Add Property Manager to Sales Representative licence
  • Add Auctioneer to Sales Representative or registered Land Agent licence

The units you need to complete for the upgrade and the cost is provided to you as a personalised quote. Where possible, we will credit transfer the units you currently hold into the upgraded qualification at no cost to you.

How Does the Qualification Upgrade Work?

We review your previously completed qualifications and map out the unit(s) you need to complete to meet the educational requirements of the licence you wish to upgrade to. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select your upgrade option.

Step 2: Email your Certificate* including record of results* to info@retac.com.au

Step 3: The upgrade cost and units to complete will be developed in a personalised quote and emailed to you.

Please give us a call on 0451 442 400 or email info@retac.com.au should you have any questions.

* Please note that only certain units can be Credit Transferred, once we receive your Certificate including record of results, we will easily be able to assess