Ned Looker

The Real Estate Training Academy was a treat to work with right from the get go. When I first started looking into getting my qualification there were so many sites offering so much stuff that it all got quite confusing. RETAC’s website gives great information on the front page and in the tabs. Communicating with George and Darren was very helpful as well – they both were very easy to deal with and were so knowledgeable about all the courses and what is required to move down the path I desired. Once all the enrolment was completed I was able to get started with the course. I did this just before Christmas and was fully online, and lucky for me it was super flexible and on my own terms so I ended up completing it by mid February, including being able to do it in and around my holiday travel. Again, through the course both George and Darren were brilliant resources and gave brilliant hints and support that led me in the right direction to find the answers doing my own research. If you put a bit of effort in, the course is pretty straight forward with comprehensive materials provided and gives you so much potential in the industry when all is complete. Thanks for everything!