Tony Cheyne

I enrolled with the Real Estate Training Academy in May 2017 to study for a Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management). I have to say the enrolment process was very straight forward and simple and easy to understand. The option of studying on-line or in a classroom satisfied my requirements and I found out very quickly that the two options supported each other admirably, at least until half of the clusters were successfully completed. By that stage I had a much clearer understanding of what was required and was able to succeed just with the on-line facility. The lecturers were both entertaining and informative and if I had lived closer I would have attended more of their classes because they certainly added to the depth of my knowledge with their personal experience stories and various anecdotes, which gave colour and clarity to the subject. In addition there was always the on-line help when needed. Emails listing questions or a need for elaboration were answered immediately and clearly and provided that encouragement when the pressure was on. That being said, I don’t claim any notable ability to study but I did note I had plenty of time to finish all my reading and assessments without any time restraints. I have finished the course today and feel very satisfied with my results and satisfactorily educated on the Real Estate world.