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Training Flexibility

Training Flexibility

Choose the study option that best suits you

Choose between distance learning or online learning

Online learning

Study online, anywhere – anytime on your PC, laptop or tablet (internet connection and browser required). Enjoy immediate access to all learning materials and assessments when you enrol. Learning Materials can be downloaded, viewed and searched offline and printed.

Distance learning

Study when and where you want.

All learning materials and assessments are arranged in easy to follow folders which are posted to you when you enrol.

Night classes (attendance is optional at no extra cost)

Benefit from interacting with a qualified and experienced trainer.

Unlike other training organizations, missing classes will not delay your course. You can continue with your readings and assessments at your own pace!

If you miss a class because of personal commitments you don’t have to wait for weeks or months for the classes to be offered again to continue with your studies. You can simply keep working through your learning materials at your own pace knowing that you are only an email or phone call away from all the support you need to complete your studies.

1-Day Workshops (attendance is optional at no extra cost)

Our 1-Day Workshops are designed to help our students with all the tricky and difficult components. They include practical sessions and the opportunity to interact with a trainer.

Self Paced Study

When you study with us we give you all your learning materials and assessments when you enrol! You don’t have to wait until a subject is offered in class before progressing with your course. You will have all your learning materials and assessments allowing you to work at your own pace – either intensive, medium or relaxed – the choice is yours.