Darren Kittel

I am extremely pleased to offer my reflections on my experience of training with Real Estate Training Academy. When first presented with the idea of considering a career change in Real Estate, I was faced with the need to complete required training to become a suitably qualified and licensed Real Estate Sales Representative. I was directed to Real Estate Training Academy who made the process of enrolment very easy and I was up and running within  24 hours. The option to study online was excellent and suited my circumstances ideally. It was reassuring to know that I had the opportunity for contact with the trainers through night classes or workshops. However, the flexibility of also liaising with the trainers via email or over the phone helped smooth out any questions that arose or aspects of the assessments that required clarification. I found the course material to be relevant, very comprehensive, and easy to read and understand. The instructions for completing and submitting assessment work were easy to understand and complete. Particularly beneficial is the practical application that forms part of some assessments which ‘grounds’ what is learnt through the reading and assignments. I was very impressed at the speed with which assessments were returned. Thank to the team at Real Estate Training Academy for your involvement in my early formation and qualification to embark on an exciting career in Real Estate.