Emily Kay

Enrolment was a super easy and straightforward process with Real Estate Training Academy. They made me feel confident and comfortable straight from the get-go with what to do and how to start my courses. I found that the way I was able to study while still working part time was super flexible and this helped me throughout completing the course and not stressing about deadlines, I could just study at my own pace. While studying with Real Estate Training Academy, I was also sent emails regarding employment opportunities in the real estate industry which I checked frequently to get an idea of what my potential future job would be and look like. I was able to easily ask questions through calling or emailing Real Estate Training Academy and all the trainers were super helpful and pointed me in the right direction each time I had a query or was struggling with a task. I can’t thank the trainers at Real Estate Training Academy enough for helping me throughout my course, there wasn’t a moment where I felt like I was on my own, I knew I always had them to rely on when I got stuck. For anyone who wants to get into Real Estate, study at their own pace, surrounded by supportive trainers and needs a flexible schedule, I very highly recommend Real Estate Training Academy.