Thanh Nguyen

Given my work life schedule, I decided to enrol into online learning. It was so easy to enrol and so worth it with what I can potentially do with the qualifications I have worked hard to achieve. The trainers in my opinion know how to teach to learn. I struggled to understand some of the work and was frustrated with my abilities to learn when I received re-submits. However, the trainers were patient and understanding and guided me to the correct path. Regular reminders to complete the work gave me the motivation to not give up and persist, which I believe was key to my completion of the course. This course not only provided me the qualifications I needed to do what I want to do, but the confidence to take on complicated work, accept and learn from failure, be persistent and stay on the track to success. I am grateful for the support and most definitely recommend Real Estate Training Academy as the choice for attaining real estate qualifications.